Whitelaw & Newton trays are only available for on-line purchase in Australia.

Meet Lindy Newton


For many years I designed and produced my own range of decoupage trays in Sydney, Australia. I started teaching découpage at an art centre in Sydney in 1993, and while teaching I developed a refined decoupage process to put images onto objects such as trays and placemats. Using this process we began production, which has continued for over 25 years.

A few years ago, however, after much travelling in Asia, I decided that I wanted to bring together my design 'eye' and the best of traditional Asian lacquer skills. There are many lacquer products available from Asia, but I was not interested in standard products. I wanted to combine the best lacquer work with my timeless and classic Western design. We spent some years working to get the product just right, including developing new processes to put our beautiful images onto trays. The results of this work can be seen from our range of trays, which we sell around the world.

Our trays are not mass produced, are all handcrafted, and made in limited quantities.